Friday, October 12, 2018

#6 - “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting.” Maui

“When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting.” 

Maui, Moana

This is what the Disneyland App looks like - don't be fooled by imposters!  :)
And this is Play Disney - it has games, trivia and music to help your wait times be more entertaining!

The Disneyland App has all the info you need for a successful day at Disneyland.

It gives you up to the minute wait times for your favorite rides - and it's usually pretty close to correct.  It will also tell you if a ride is closed - such as the Indiana Jones ride - it goes down a lot!  This will let you know those times.  You can get them by land - on a map - or as a list, like below.

If you click on the ride you're interested in, it will give you detailed information.  
If you are in the parks, it will also let you know the availability for the Fast Passes.

My favorite is the list of characters.  I look at this several times a day when we're there!  Like with the rides, it will do it by land - on a map - or you can do it by list, which is what I do.
If you see a character (or 12!) on the list (1st pic) that you want to see, just click on it and it brings up the details - where and when to find that character (2nd pic).


It also works for dining, entertainment, tours, etc.  This is your Disney everything!!!  


Disney Play is a new app that has trivia questions, music and games that you can play while you're waiting in line.  It's really cool!  You can get the trivia from anywhere - even at my house in Arizona!  But for the music and activities, you need to be in the park.  


There are "Experiences" on a few of the rides - including Peter Pan's Flight.  On the map (above) you see the ship above the ride?  That's the signal that there is an experience on that ride.  Space Mountain has one, too, and Midway Mania at California Adventure.  We played the Peter Pan one - it was like a treasure hunt - so fun!  The game will unlock when the you're in line for the ride. 

It gives you a list of things to find - see the picture for some examples. Don't be afraid to scroll through all the pages to see what there is.  We started doing only one page at a time, so we missed a few things.  Find the one about the lantern - I won't say what it is, but it is really cool!  You don't want to miss that one!

It really did make the time on the line go faster. 

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