Thursday, November 8, 2018

#9 "And they call it Bella Notte!"

 “And they call it ‘Bella Notte’”

Episode #9

Wondering which restaurants to go to at the park? 
The podcast tells you which sit down places are available 
at Disneyland and how delicious they are!

Blue Bayou

The fanciest of the table service restaurants
at Disneyland.

Our first time there - it was Ali's 21st birthday!

          They brought her a free birthday dessert.

I took Chris there - he didn't love it.....  But I did!

 They had a light up cube they could put in your drink - it changed colors!  That was fun! (above)

This was us in New Orleans Square with he Blue Bayou sign behind us.  Such a pretty part of New Orleans Square!

Cafe Orleans

Andrew and Ali at lunch

Chris and Kristin at lunch

Our favorite meal to share at Cafe Orleans 


Pommes Frites and the Monte Cristo sandwich
This is half of the Monte Cristo!  There is another plate exactly the same as this one!

This was an appetizer.  It's not on the menu anymore - I don't know exactly what it is!  
But it looks - and if I remember right - it was delicious!

Bourbon Street Chicken
Mickey Shaped Beignets

Cafe Orleans never disappoints on the food!  :)

Riverbelle Terrace

We have only eaten here twice - once before the renovation and once after.  The food was different, but we weren't impressed wither time.

We went the first time on my birthday one year - this was before the renovation - and they did bring me a birthday cupcake - which was cute.  It was the best food we ate that day at Riverbelle!
The second time we went - after the renovation - we sat outside.
It's a beautiful location - fun to people watch.
Different menu, but we were still not impressed.
With all the choices we have at Disneyland,
this will not be a place for us.  But that's just our opinion.

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