Thursday, April 11, 2019

Let's Get "Appy"!

Today we teamed up with Brooklyn from Magic for Mamas to talk about our top 5 favorite things about the Disneyland app!

1. Mobile Ordering at Restaurants - this was life changing during our last trip to the parks! Ali loved being able to just sit at a table, pull up the app, order the food that she wanted, and then pick it up within minutes! If you listen to this podcast it will tell you which Quick Service restaurants have the option for mobile ordering.

2. MaxPass - if you listen to this podcast we talk all about the wonders of the MaxPass! We love that it's on the phone app so it doesn't require another download or a third party.

Here is a Fast Pass and a Photo Pass - both connected to my phone via the Max Pass!

3. PhotoPass linked photos - WE LOVE PHOTOPASS!! I don't think we can say it loud enough!! And the fact that we can download our PhotoPass pictures (with purchase of either the MaxPass or a PhotoPass package) to then keep on our phones or computers is amazing! Don't forget to ask the photographers if there's a magic shot you can do!

4. Character lists - this is Kristin's favorite feature for sure! We like looking at the list vs searching around the park so that we know who will be where and at what times! Makes it a bit easier to make dreams come true dontcha think!?

5. Ride wait times - the Disneyland app is so good at keeping up to date on wait times that all of those third party apps don't stand a chance!  It's the most accurate of the choices out there. Plus it also keeps track of the FastPass return times and that's incredibly handy when planning your day!

For all of the other reasons why we love the app, listen to this episode of the podcast and go check out Brooklyn's list!! She's a fabulous resource on Disney and has the cutest shop full of plans and her eBook "How to Save Money so You Can Go on a Disneyland Vacation" is a great source of ideas!

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