Thursday, October 18, 2018

#7 Snarfblats and Dinglehoppers

Snarfblats and Dinglehoppers

Episode #7

Listen to our podcast to hear our ideas on how you can save money
 on souvenirs and food for the park!
If you are prepared, you can save a lot!

This is the R2-D2 glowy thing Chris bought the grandkids at the park.
Cool, but unnecessary!  Something glowy from the dollar store -
or another store back home would work just as well!
The kids just like things that glow at night.

Autograph Books


               This is my awesome map!
I took one picture with my notebook on top 
     so you could see the size of this map!  
                     Isn't it great!?!?!  :)

The World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney

Terrible picture of me!  But it is a shot of the Earl of Sandwich....
The sandwiches are so good!
And it's right there - in Downtown Disney!
You can even get off the monorail - it's right by the store - eat your sandwich and get right back on!

Some of the Play Pack choices - they have these at the Target dollar spot, but also at Party City, Amazon and other retailers!  Still just $1!

This picture shows what comes in the packs

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