Thursday, October 25, 2018

#8 “Fa la la la la - those Jingle Bells!”

"Fa la la la la -              those Jingle Bells!"

Christmas at the Disneyland Resort!

Don't miss all the cool things to do for the holidays at Disneyland and California Adventure! This is our favorite time of year at the parks!

The Christmas Tree on Main Street is a beautiful sight!  Especially at night.
 The snowmen are one of Kristin's favorite parts!

                                                                                       The Holiday Parade ending with Santa Claus!

The Nightmare Before Christmas takes over The Haunted Mansion for the holidays!
It's Jack Skellington's house!

Zero floating in the hallway is a favorite part!

It's a Small World - Holiday Edition!  Don't miss this great ride!  All the lights are a marvel!  You won't regret checking it out!
Don't miss the story of the Candy Cane!
It was a fun experience - check it out!

Anna and Elsa LOVED the candy cane!
They autographed it for Ali.

Doc tried to take off with the candy cane!
But I got it back!  :)

The Holidays are our absolute favorite time at the parks!
It is a magical time!

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